How it works

You can find more of my work on Deviantart ainedesign and empressangel

You make your own pictures and send them to me by e-mail or cloud. I will check them to see if thy are big en good enough quality. If they are I will begin and make a fairy tale photo fore you. If am done I will send a smaller size preview with my logo on it. If you aprove you can pay the amount of money we agreed on and if its in my bank account I will send you the lager size whiteout the logo. Then you can print it on the product of you’re choose at your own local store of choose.

If you’re taking a photo of your child the light is best when it comes from the front (face side). This way you will get les noise in the photo. Set you’re camera at the best qualitie. Get on a lower level to get the best angel for the picture. Take more than one picture so I can sort out the best one.

I can also make costum designs for my costumers. Sometimes people have their own fairy tale photo idea that I cane design fore them.

Basic designs are  €55 incl, fore the rest is costs on request.

Personal use only!

If you have questions feel free to e-mail me at anytime.

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